Safe Tokens

STO operation management
with unique liquidity providing platform

SafeToken is a general solution for permissioned tokens, including asset backed digital assets and securities.

SafeToken solution uses ERC20 compliant tokens in concert with a particular set-up of Multi-Sig wallets, that gives an authorized representative full control over transferability, KYC/AML and any other obligations demanded by the legislation or agreements between the Issuer and Token Holders.



Since recent changes in French law related to tokens lifecycle management, it is possible to user Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), to emit and store private equity securities.

Deal Room integrity
Is the document I’m reading identical to the one that was issued when I invested?
Regulatory reporting
Track all documents changes from token issuers and auditors.
Liquidity provider
Token primary market liquid market exchange
Investors KYC


Ability to invest in fiat currency (EUR) for blockchain-based operations

External auditability of operations with blockchain protocol (not just reporting)

Structured documents proofs, with privacy enabled (company accounts, etc)

Tokens auctions and tenders: was this offer truly submitted at the time claimed and can I be sure that its content wasn’t manipulated